Personal Injury

Personal Injury Case – Read This Before Calling Your Lawyer

Matt was injured while visiting his friend when a vase kept on one of the patio’s walls fell on him.

Judy’s neck got injured when she was driving back home and got hit from behind by another car driver who had lost control.

An 18-wheeler hit Sean’s car while driving on the highway, critically injuring him.

What do all the above cases have in common? It’s obvious that people got injured, even though every situation was different from another. The common fact in all these cases is that people got injured for no fault of theirs. Because of that, they can all pursue personal injury cases against those who caused the injury.

The above instances are examples of how different situations can lead to a personal injury claim. What needs to be done afterward stays the same. You need to hire the best personal injury lawyer in Miami who can defend your case.

Here are a few pointers you should know about before approaching a personal injury lawyer:

Personal Injury Cases are Not All About Car Accidents

While most of the cases that personal injury lawyers take up are auto accident cases, there are other cases too. As explained in the above examples, an injury caused at someone’s property, or while driving, are considered as personal injury. So, hire a lawyer who specializes in cases related to your kind of injuries.

Insurance Company Never Offers A Good Deal First

If you are thinking of pursuing your legal claim by yourself, think again. There is hardly any insurance company that will offer a good settlement amount even if your case is strong. With their experience, they might even succeed in convincing you that their offer is fair enough. Hire a good lawyer who can explain your rights and fight for you to get the most money when settling your personal injury claim.

You Will Be Surprised with What You Can Claim

Your personal injury lawyer will explain the different components you can claim from the insurance company. He will break it all down so that you can understand each of them. When you add everything up, you may be surprised with the potential value of your case!

Experience of Your Lawyer Matters

Every lawyer has his own way of pursuing a case. His experience in similar cases, as well as his overall experience, matters a lot. The more experienced a lawyer is with personal injury cases, the more he will know about how such cases work out, and how he can make the best of those situations.

Every Case Is Not the Same

Every case is different. That means the situation can be different, the severity of the injury can be different. Even an individual’s expectation from his/her case can be different. Lawyers take up the cases accordingly, while also ensuring that their clients get the best outcome.

Collecting Evidence Is Very Important

Depending upon your case, you may need to collect some evidence yourself. Such evidence comprises documents like a police report, photographs of the accident, your medical report, etc. You may be the only person who can obtain them and subsequently share it with your lawyer. This can greatly help him make your case stronger.

Injury Lawyers Work on Contingent-Fee Basis

Many people approach lawyers fearing that they will have to pay an upfront fee. That is not the case with our personal injury lawyers, who work on a contingent-fee basis. This means they will only accept a portion of your settlement as their fee after successfully winning the case, and nothing otherwise.

Personal injury lawyers can be your best friends if you were injured due to someone else’s negligence. They will give their everything to present your case and ensure that you get rightful compensation. To know more, call us today at (786) 361-4037.