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Homeowner’s insurance pays to repair or replace your house and/or personal property that is damaged or destroyed by an event or occurrence covered under your policy. These events or occurrences are called covered losses. Most Florida homeowner insurance policies cover losses caused by fire, lightning, smoke, explosion, theft, vandalism, riot, vehicles, aircrafts, windstorms, hurricanes, sudden water, and accidental water.

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Fire Damage

There are two types of Fire Damage claims: a total loss claim and a partial losses claim. A “complete loss fire damage claim” and a “partial losses fire claim”.
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Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes can be devastating and life altering. One’s safety is the most important thing during one of these natural disasters. Once the winds have settled and the water has subsided, it’s time to file a Hurricane Claim with you Homeowner’s Insurance.
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Mold Damage

Mold damage can cause serious illness and property damage. These cases must be taken seriously and treated delicately. Homeowner’s insurance claims can be very complex and have many nuances.
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Water Damage

A common clean water damage claim is a pipe break within a wall; a common grey water damage claim is a toilet overflowing; and a common black water damage claim is sewage backup.
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