The Law Office of Raphael A. Sanchez, a leading Miami-based law firm, offers superior legal support in the Palmetto Bay area. Our Palmetto Bay injury lawyers specialize in helping accident victims claim due compensation and hold those at-fault responsible for their actions. We also provide legal assistance to homeowners seeking a settlement from their insurance company. You can always expect customizable and top-notch legal representation from our skilled attorneys.

Our Practice Areas

Our legal office provides services of Palmetto Bay injury attorney in the following practice areas:

Personal Injury

Over the years, we have helped several people who suffered serious physical injury due to the reckless actions of others. Our attorneys have expertly handled numerous personal injury cases to date, including moped accidents, bicycle accidents, vehicle rollovers, rideshare accidents, hit and runs, and many more. While working on your case, we focus on getting you maximum compensation for your injuries.

To ensure that, we thoroughly investigate the causes of your accident. Post that, we hold those at-fault responsible for causing injury to you. We also help you due settlement from the insurance company successfully. If monetary claims don’t cover all your bills, we can also represent your case in court.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are the most common type of road accidents. These can happen due to several factors like negligent driving, DUI, overspeeding, etc. Such cases can cause serious physical injuries and drastically affect your quality of life forever. Our legal experts can help you enforce your rights and claim a favorable settlement from the person responsible for the accident.

Premises Liability

It is a legal duty of property owners to ensure that their property is safe. If it’s not, the owners must warn visitors of possible dangers. If you ever got injured on someone’s property because there was no hazardous warning, you can hold the property owner legally responsible for the incident. Our injury attorney in Palmetto Bay Florida can help you achieve that.

Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are experts in sweet-talking when they have to sell a policy. But they don’t twice before they reject your genuine property damage claim. At other times they might undervalue loss you incurred due to fire, hurricane, floor, or similar occurrences. Our legal specialists can help stand up and demand maximum compensation from the insurer for covering your losses.

Why Work with Our Law Firm

Some of the best reasons that set us apart from other law firms include:

Our Exceptional Client Service: No matter what hour of the day it is, our attorneys are readily available to answer your concerns.

Proven Track Record: We have worked hard to attain an impressive success rate. By helping you successfully, we will only be keeping our record intact.

Positive Reviews: Almost all our clients have given 5-stars to our work ethics and service delivery. We are certain that you will join our list of satisfied clients very soon.

Meet Our Local Attorneys

Let’s introduce you to a team of champion attorneys who were born and brought up right here in Miami, FL. Meet Raphael “Ralph” A. Sanchez, the founder of the law office, who’s your “go-to” attorney for all cases related to homeowner’s insurance claims and personal injury.

We also have on the roster Tomas R. Hernandez, the law office’s Of Counsel, who has extensively worked with individuals and organizations that didn’t receive fair compensation from their insurance companies.

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