The Law Office of Raphael A. Sanchez, a Miami-based law firm, provides competent legal services in Westchester. We help accident victims hold the negligent, at-fault party for their injuries. Our law firm also helps homeowners obtain timely and accurate settlements from their insurance provider. You can look forward to personalized and competent legal representation from our skilled attorneys.

Our Practice Areas

Our law office delivers legal support in the following practice areas:

Personal Injury

We provide legal care to clients who have suffered serious physical harm from the negligent or reckless behavior of others. Our knowledgeable lawyers handle a wide array of personal injury cases, including bicycle accidents, moped accidents, vehicle rollovers, hit and runs, and rideshare accidents.

We work quickly to help you obtain maximum compensation by investigating the causes of your accident thoroughly, holding the at-fault party responsible for your injury, and seeking a fair settlement from the insurance provider. If the monetary damages will not sufficiently cover your present and future medical bills, our attorneys will not hesitate to bring your case to court and fight on your behalf.

Car Accidents

An auto accident happens without warning and may drastically affect your quality of life. Count on our law office to enforce your legal rights and obtain a favorable settlement amount for your case.

Premises Liability

Property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises safe, and warn visitors of any dangers. If you sustained an injury due to the hazardous condition of a property, you may hold the owner legally responsible for the incident.  Our attorneys provide competent legal representation on accidents that have occurred in a range of establishments, such as a theme park, retail store, public pool, and daycare center.

Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Insurance companies sometimes act in bad faith and reject real property damage claims or underestimate the total amount of loss caused by fire, flood, hurricane, and other occurrences. Our law firm will stand up against your insurer and demand maximum compensation to help you repair or rebuild your home.

Why Work with Our Law Firm

Here are great reasons to choose our law office over other firms in the Kendall area:

Exceptional Client Service – Our attorneys are available day and night to respond to your concerns.

Proven Track Record – We have the experience to help you obtain a positive outcome, as our law firm has successfully taken on thousands of cases.

Positive Reviews – Our satisfied clients have left us with five-star ratings and fantastic feedback on Google.

Meet Our Local Attorneys

Our law firm is composed of two attorneys born and raised in Miami: Raphael “Ralph” A. Sanchez and Tomas R. Hernandez. Ralph, who is the founder of the law office, is the attorney you can trust for your personal injury and homeowner’s insurance claims. Tomas, the law firm’s Of Counsel, has years of experience representing individuals and companies against insurance providers that fail to deliver a fair settlement. Together, they will help you demand for and recover the compensation you deserve.

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