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The Law Office of Raphael A. Sanchez, a leading Miami-based law firm, offers services of injury attorneys in Cutler Bay, FL. It’s our utmost priority to help accident victims get fair compensation from those responsible for the accident.
Our office also extends legal support to homeowners who are unable to get a settlement from their insurance company.

Our Practice Areas

Our Cutler Bay injury attorney currently practice law in the following areas:

Personal Injury

First of all, you don’t need to hire an attorney for just about any injury. If it’s a minor injury that is not affecting your movement, you should be able to manage things yourself. But if it’s a serious injury, you could be looking at a long legal battle with the insurance company. Our attorney has contested many similar cases for numerous satisfied clients. This experience makes us more than capable to get you the justice you deserve.

Our Cutler Bay, FL, accident lawyer will work on your case with one thing in mind: to get you maximum compensation. In case the compensation is not enough and your injury cannot be covered by insurance money, expect us to go all the way and get you full settlement from the erring party. Our investigation is always thorough, which is one of the major reasons why our success rate is so high.

Car Accidents

If it’s a road accident, it’s most likely that the one who caused it was driving a car. Our experience with such cases helps us understand exactly what needs to be done. We believe that those causing an accident must never be let off easily. As a victim, your quality of life could be affected forever, not to mention psychological and economical losses incurred along. For all such despair, you deserve to be fairly compensated by those at-fault. Our injury attorneys in Cutler Bay, FL can help you achieve just that.

Premises Liability

Upkeeping an estate property is the responsibility of its owner. The property owner is also liable to ensure that anyone who visits the premises must be warned of possible dangers, if any. If you got injured at someplace where no such warning was given in any form, you are legally allowed to hold the owner at-fault for such irresponsible behavior. Our attorney can help file the claim and obtain reasonable compensation from the owner.

Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Almost everyone who owns a house also owns a home insurance policy for it. Buying that policy is probably the easiest thing to do. Filing a claim in case of damage to property and getting it is, however, another story. Insurance companies will always look to exploit every opportunity to delay or deny your claim. With us by your side, you can take the fight to them. They will be compelled to pay the due amount as per the policy.

Why Work with Our Law Firm

Some of the best reasons that set us apart from other law firms include:

Our Exceptional Client Service:

No matter what hour of the day it is, our attorneys are readily available to answer all your concerns.

Proven Track Record:

We have worked hard to attain an impressive success rate. By helping you successfully, we will only be keeping our records intact.

Positive Reviews:

Almost all our clients have given 5-stars to our work ethics and service delivery. We are certain that you will join our list of satisfied clients very soon.

Meet Our Local Attorneys

Let’s introduce you to a team of champion attorneys who were born and brought up right here in Miami, FL.
Meet Raphael “Ralph” A. Sanchez, the founder of the law office, who’s your “go-to” attorney for all cases related to homeowner’s insurance claims and personal injury.
We also have on the roster Tomas R. Hernandez, a highly-experienced Of Counsel, who has extensively worked with individuals and organizations that didn’t receive fair compensation from their insurance companies.

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