Kendall, a Miami suburb, is home to around 74,000 residents. This community, much like the other areas in Miami-Dade County, can get busy, especially during rush hour. Sometimes, people get hurt in truck accidents, hit-and-runs, and other situations that result in serious (and sometimes debilitating) injuries.

If you were harmed in an accident in Kendall that led to a personal injury, you’d need an experienced injury attorney to provide legal assistance for your case. The Law Office of Raphael A. Sanchez, a trusted personal injury law office, will help you identify the person liable for your injury, obtain fair compensation for your case, and (if necessary) bring your case to court and achieve the outcome you want.

Why Hiring a Lawyer is a Good Idea

While you’re not required to hire a personal injury attorney to help with your insurance claim, you can improve your odds of obtaining a favorable outcome when you have a lawyer guiding you from start to finish. Here are other great reasons to approach a reputable injury lawyer for assistance:

Objective Personal Injury Lawyers at Your Service – A personal injury causes more than just physical pain and discomfort. The emotional trauma arising from the injury might stop you from thinking straight when you file your insurance claim. An attorney looks at your case objectively. He/she uses the facts surrounding your case to obtain the outcome you deserve.

Excellent Negotiation Skills – When you file your claim with your insurance provider, their representative may sweet-talk you into saying “yes” to a paltry settlement offer. Your lawyer can prevent this from happening by cleverly negotiating a settlement with your insurer.

Expedited Personal Injury Claim – If you’re recovering from your accident, you may not have the time or the energy to complete the paperwork for your personal injury claim. Your lawyer will help you seek compensation for your injuries. Injury attorneys can take care of your paperwork and pursue your claim while you recuperate on your hospital bed. It means that you can get your settlement in a reasonable time.

An Overview of Our Personal Injury Practice Areas

Our knowledgeable injury attorneys represent clients in Kendall in an array of practice areas. A few of them are:

Bicycle Accidents – We hold the erring individual responsible if you’ve been hurt while riding your bicycle.

Pedestrian Accidents – Our lawyers help pedestrians injured by a negligent motorist in a traffic accident.

Auto Accidents – You can approach our law firm to hold the at-fault car driver liable for his/her negligence or action.

Why Work with Our Law Firm

Here are the benefits of teaming up with our law office:

Exceptional Service – Our five-star reviews on Google are a testament to the exemplary legal assistance we provide to our clients.

Personalized Legal Representation – All personal injury cases are unique. Our attorneys go the extra mile to deliver individualized legal care to clients.

Extensive Experience – With $10 million recovered in compensation, and thousands of cases successfully handled, you can rely on us to obtain the outcome you deserve for your injury case.

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