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Everything You Must Know About Personal Injury Law in Kendall

The scope of personal injury law is to allow you as the accident victim to file a civil lawsuit and get compensated for all the losses you incurred due to the accident. These may include future treatment costs that are directly meant for accident-related injuries. So basically, this law helps you secure every financial compensation that saves you from financial damages due to someone else’s fault, intentional or not.

Personal injury law firms in Kendall can help you get the appropriate financial compensation you deserve. They can help assess how much your injuries are worth for which you can file a claim. They will also help assess other factors that will now get affected due to your injuries, and how much claim you can file against them.

However, you need to know how the whole process works, and what your role is in that. Let’s discuss.

Types of Personal Injuries

Many kinds of injuries entitle you to seek a fair claim value. These injuries can be caused during a car accident, or while visiting an amusement park, or even when visiting someone you know. Amusement Park injuries can be caused by defective rides or uneven pathways. Injuries on someone’s property can be caused by falling from the stairs, falling on a slippery floor, or even when loose debris falls on you.

How Does the Entire Process Work

Take it for granted that something that may have worked for someone who suffered an injury similar to yours will not work for you. Every case is different, the conditions are different, even the defendants are different. So, you must only try to reach an outcome based on how you and your lawyer perceive it.

The process begins with you getting injured due to someone else’s fault. This fault could be deliberate too, which may entitle you to a higher claim value. However, you will need to provide enough evidence to establish that.

Deliberate or not, you will also need to establish the fault of the other person that led to the accident and subsequently your injury. You will need a lawyer to determine that. However, you can obtain as much evidence as you can manage on your own, like:

personal injury law firms Kendall

Here, you must make sure that you do not file a claim for any injury that wasn’t caused by the accident. This will not only nullify your claim forever but could even put you in a very precarious position. You will not want to be on the wrong side of the law, so avoid doing that.

Sitting Down for a Settlement

Once your lawyer has got enough evidence to prove your innocence and fault of the other party, you may be asked to sit down for a settlement. This offer of settlement can come from either the other party or their insurance company. You just might seek some compensation from your insurance company as well, so be prepared to receive a settlement offer from them as well.

This settlement sum will always be much lower than what you seek. It will be your call whether or not to accept it. Your lawyer will always discourage you from taking the offer.

You must let your lawyer do the talking during settlement. Their presence will make sure that even if a settlement is reached, it is in your best interests and fetches maximum possible compensation for you.

If no settlement is reached, your lawyer will file a personal injury lawsuit in court. This battle could take a while. But with an experienced lawyer on your side, expect the best outcome at the earliest.

No Upfront Fee Needed

Personal injury law firms in Kendall don’t seek any upfront fee. So, you won’t have to pay anything to your lawyer no matter how long the case goes on. Their fee will be a small part of your settlement money, which is how their contingency-fee model defines it.

For more details and to get a free consultation, visit your nearest personal injury law firm in Kendall today.