Read This Before Filing your Auto Accident Claim in Kendall

For a while, the Covid-19 situation locked everyone in their homes. but that didn’t last long, despite the situation only becoming worse by the day.

Today, the traffic situation is almost back to normal. This also means that the number of vehicles on the road is increasing, and so are the number of accident cases. If you have recently been injured in one such accident for no fault of yours, you must be compensated for it. An auto accident injury attorney in Kendall can help you get that compensation sooner and without facing any hurdle.

Common Reasons for Auto Accident Cases

An auto accident can happen due to several reasons, such as:

  • Driving Over the Speed Limit: Speed limits are decided based upon the areas the road passes through and how vulnerable turns and corners on them can be to accidents. The speed limits are for your own safety. But people tend to go over them, giving them little time to change their course or slow down when another vehicle approaches, leading to an accident.
  • Not Obeying a Traffic Light: Just like the speed limit, traffic lights are intended to facilitate comfortable movement of traffic on the road. Anyone who doesn’t obey a traffic light creates an opportunity to cause a crash, which could even turn fatal. Many crashes across Florida happen for this very reason.
  • Using Phone While Driving: Distracted driving is another very common reason that leads to auto accidents. It could happen because you were either not looking up ahead or were distracted by a call or text you received while driving. The end result will never be to your liking.
  • Driving Under Influence (DUI): Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is not just dangerous but it is also a severe crime. Alcohol limits a person’s ability to keep their focus on the road. So, even if they got caught before they could hit someone, they will be looking at the serious consequences of their actions. But if they were lucky enough not to be spotted, they still will have a high probability of hitting someone at any point in time.
  • Bad Weather Conditions: Bad weather could lead to heavy rains that make roads slippery and unsafe to drive on. Bad weather can also diminish visibility and cause accidents with a little carelessness. Powerful winds can also lead drivers to lose control of their vehicles. Many cases are reported every year in Florida due to this very reason.
  • Mechanical Failure: A car’s machinery is well, machinery. It is bound to fail at some point if the car driver hasn’t been paying heed to its maintenance. This failure can then easily lead to an auto accident and cause grievous injuries to others.
  • Damaged Road: A damaged road isn’t a common scene for the most part. But there are still some damaged roads in Florida that can lead to accidents in a split second. Be vary of potholes and other areas of damaged roads so that you can steer past them safely.
  • Driving When Sleepy: Driving a car can itself get very tiring after a while. The driver may also feel sleepy due to many other reasons. However, that sleepiness makes them lose focus on the road, thereby leading to an accident.

Personal injury cases aren’t an easy thing to manage. This is why you must look for an auto accident attorney in Kendall at the earliest. Your attorney can help you determine how much you are worth and how you can claim for your losses from insurance. These attorneys don’t charge any upfront fee, but instead deduct a part of your winnings as their fee later on.

For more information, contact your nearest auto accident attorney in Kendall today.