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Avoid Making These Mistakes After Getting Injured in a Car Accident

Accidents are never planned. When they happen, you are left dumbfounded. For a considerable time, you will be thinking about getting yourself treated and how you could have been saved from getting injured. Seeking a financial claim will only dawn on you when it probably has been too late.

Hiring an injury attorney in Kendall can help save the trouble. By hiring a dependable attorney, you can continue to focus on your injuries and your life up ahead. Your attorney will take care of everything else for you.

On your part, you can avoid making a few mistakes that can affect the outcome of your claim. These include:

  • Not Contacting the Police

The best piece of evidence that supersedes just about everything else is the police report. It is this report that records the events as they happened. Without one, you will have very little chance to get your claim.

Moreover, you must record the events immediately after the accident. If you delay it by a couple of hours, and not even a day, you would be allowing insurance or the other party to distort the facts. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

  • Not Clicking Pictures of the Accident

How would you prove your case? Your statements or that of the witnesses will only hold weight if there are pictures or videos to prove your claim. You need to record those events on your phone or camera or any other device you are carrying. These pictures and videos will be your pieces of evidence to file a claim, or even hire an attorney to get the other party prosecuted for their misdoing.

  • Not Taking Other Driver’s Information

How would you know who hit you if you never knew them before? You will be in for a major chase if you don’t grab the other driver’s information on the spot. You will need this information to seek compensation from their insurance company. You will need their name, contact number, policy number, and also the name of their insurer.

You could also click a picture of their license plate for the record.

  • Leaving the Incident Site without Any Record

Leaving the accident site even if you were the victim before getting the events recorded or taking other driver’s information could backfire on you. You will be leaving a lot of scope for them to pin the entire blame on you. If that happens, you will suddenly find yourself being considered an accused instead of the victim that you were.

If you don’t want to get into the legal hustle later, wait for a while, get the first aid treatment on spot, get the events recorded with the police, grab any information you need, and then only leave for further treatment.

  • Not Seeking a Fair Insurance Claim

While filing an insurance claim, you get just one chance to prove how everything happened. With that, you need to mention everything that you suffered due to that accident where you were not at fault. You will find it difficult to prove it all on your own, which is why you should hire a leading injury attorney in Kendall to do your bidding.

If you do not seek an appropriate claim value, and settle with the first offer that comes your way, you forgo every other chance to claim the rightful compensation ever again.

  • Not Seeking Proper Medical Assistance

Seeking proper medical attention will and should always be on the top of your list. You need to make sure that you are getting treatment for every injury, external or internal, that you incurred due to the accident. You will need their invoices and diagnosis reports for filing a claim with insurance later on.

Your injury attorney will be always there to ensure that you get every bit of claim you deserve for being a victim of the accident. If needed, they will negotiate, or take up your case to court to make sure that justice is served to you.

For more details, call your nearest injury attorney in Kendall today.