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How to Pursue an Injury Claim If No Other Car Was Involved

Kendall personal injury law firms come across all kinds of personal injury claims around the year. Most of these cases are rather generic, where people seek a claim against the injuries incurred due to someone else’s fault.

Mostly there is another driver involved, so these cases are pretty much easy to handle. But there are other types of car accident cases as well that are not as simple. For instance, you could have been injured in an accident that only involved your car.

Since Florida is a no-fault state, you can always seek your claim from insurance, regardless of whether the other driver caused the accident or not. But what happens if there was never another driver involved in the crash?

If you have insurance for that, you should be able to seek a claim directly.

But if you didn’t have one, your claim under the no-fault law will be decided based on the following factors:

Were You the One Driving the Car?

If you were just the passenger, you should be able to get a claim for the injuries incurred due to the driver’s reckless driving. Your lawyer will guide you on how you can file your claim and explain your stand, backed by proper evidence to prove your innocence.

If you were the driver, your claim could hang in balance and depend upon the other factors discussed next.

Was the Accident Caused Due to a Defective Car Part?

If a car part was defective, and that was found to be the reason, you should face no trouble getting the rightful claim. Your insurance company may want to deploy their experts to make sure that it was indeed the defective part that led to the accident. The automaker will also be liable to pay you compensation for your loss as well as injuries incurred.

Was the Car Not Serviced Properly?

Your car maintenance company is expected to ensure that your vehicle is in top condition when it comes out of their facility. If your car developed a snag that is directly related to car maintenance, you should be able to pursue a claim against the car service center/company.

Did the Accident Happen Due to a Defective Road?

Road defects often lead to serious car crashes around the U.S. every year. While the local contractors hired by the government are liable to pay for the damages, you can also seek insurance coverage to recover your losses.

Was There Another Person Who Forced You into the Accident?

A car accident can also happen due to the fault of someone else who wasn’t directly involved in the accident. Instead, that person could be someone who wasn’t driving right and forced you to change your direction. It could also be some pedestrian who wasn’t careful while walking down the road. You will, of course, have to prove that such was indeed the case before you can get your rightful claim.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Law Firm?

Car accidents never leave a lasting memory. But what they do cause as they happen is a trail of financial woes, not to mention the physical and emotional stress. Trying to win a car accident claim by yourself will only aggravate your situation more.

So, you must instead hire leading Kendall personal injury law firms to do the chasing instead. These law firms can deploy their best lawyers to pursue your personal injury case and get the best possible claim from insurance as soon as possible. They can always keep you posted so that you always know what’s going on with your case.

These personal injury law firms don’t charge any upfront fee either, so you shouldn’t worry about paying them at all until you have won the case.

Get more details about how you too can file a claim for your recent car accident injury by contacting one of the leading Kendall personal injury law firms today.