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Different Kinds of Cases Involving Insurance Claims and How We Can Help

Injuries happen all the time. You can get injured by slipping down at home, playing sports, driving, or even walking on the road. Many times, all of these injuries aren’t that serious. Other times, they can be serious and can even become life-threatening.

While you cannot do much about injuries caused due to your fault, you can take the help of our Palmetto Bay injury lawyers to sue the other party if they are the cause of your injury. At the same time, you must not take any compensation from them but should approach their insurance company for the same instead.

Here’s Where We Come into the Picture

As one of the most established legal experts in the region, we have successfully handled more than 1,000 cases and have helped recover over $10,000,000 in compensation. Our team comprises attorneys who were born here, and who are well-versed with the local laws and regulations. Our unique approach towards every case sets us apart from everyone else. You can call us up any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In case you aren’t sure if your injury qualifies for proper representation, here’s a breakdown of the cases our Palmetto Bay injury lawyers can take up, to give you a better idea.

  • Personal injury cases

which cover accidents from a car, bicycle, truck, cab, motorcycle, etc. We also provide our services if you got hit by someone and were injured. Even if you were injured due to a boat accident or an airplane accident, we can help you out.

  • Premises liability cases

which involve you getting injured while you were on someone else’s property. The scope of such cases covers amusement park accidents, daycare accidents, construction site accidents, swimming pool accidents, store accidents, etc. If you get injured while you were at someone’s house due to negligent security or broken furniture, you can file for compensation.

  • Homeowners’ insurance claims

which cover damage to your property due to hurricane, fire, molds, seepage, or similar. If the insurance company isn’t helping you out with it, we can ensure that they pay what is rightfully yours.

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