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5 Questions You Must Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Hiring Him

If you ever got injured due to someone else’s fault, you deserve proper compensation for it. However, if the one at-fault counter-claims or claims innocence, it will come down on your lawyer to prove him. At Ralph Sanchez law firm, we have the expertise to make things happen your way. Yet, how can you tell if you are actually making the right decision by choosing us or any other personal injury lawyer in Miami FL of your choice? The following questions can help you choose right.

What is the practice area the lawyer specializes in?

Every lawyer has a different specialty. You cannot ask a real estate lawyer to represent you in a personal injury case, and can’t ask the other way around too. So, make sure you know exactly which lawyer is qualified to take up your case in case of a personal injury, insurance, premises liability, and so on.

How many years of experience does the lawyer have in the domain?

This is important. You should know just how much experience your lawyer has, specifically in the domain that applies to your case. The more experienced a lawyer is, the more he would have come across different kinds of cases, giving him expertise over all of them.

What’s the lawyer’s success rate in similar cases?

Yet another important question you must always ask. A lawyer’s success rate directly tells the percentage of your chance to win the appeal yourself. We are proud to say that our personal injury law office in Miami has maintained a very high success rate since inception. This sets us among a very few law firms in Miami that have been this successful.

Does the lawyer exhibit an aura that makes him dependable?

A lawyer may be highly qualified and experienced by the cover. But if your first interaction with him does not instill confidence within you, there’s no point moving forward. You need to be certain that your lawyer has a personality that can make things happen, no matter how complicated they seem to be.

How often does the lawyer apprise clients (like you) with case status?

As a client, you need to know everything that’s going on with your case. A good lawyer will make it a point to keep you posted with every achieved milestone throughout your case. This also allows you to chime in and give inputs and suggestions now and then, as needed.

We at Ralph Sanchez Law firm have the best personal injury lawyers who have all the right qualifications and expertise to handle your case. We also offer free consultation right at the beginning so that you are certain about what you are buying. We are completely transparent with all that we do, which makes us one of the best choices for a personal injury law office in Miami. Still, have a question to ask? Call us at (786) 361-4037 or visit our website at to know more.